To our prospective clients

Dear Manager:

This now serves as a formal request to you, to be placed on your roster of sub-contractors. We are general steel fabricators and also fabricate Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Brass. Our location affords us to cut cost to all our customers and save them the expense to deliver the job on site.

Our company covers the enter spectrum, from design to erection. Our plant is situated in Matamoros Mexico with office in Loganville Georgia. We now stand ready to furnish our resume upon your request.

Thank you for your time and also your consideration. I now look forward to a constructive relationship. My personal contact number is (404) 537-6006.

Yours truly,
Dennis Dietrich

Hidrogen Reformer of 12' Diameter

Hidrogen Reformer of 8' Diameter

Hidraulics Presses to Compress Rag

Side-Fired Furnace

Fluorite Batcher

Cleaning Grain Cyclone

Alcohol Recuperator Tank

Storage Tank of Material in Bulk

Storage Tank of Material in Bulk

Grain Elevator of 180'

Dust Collector

Sistem for the Control of Industrial Pollution

Steel Structure

Steel Structure


Elbows for Ducts of Sulphur Generator

Salt Drier Kiln

Roled Plate

Stainless Steel Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Electric Motor Shafts 200 Hp

Boiler Fittings